Mullum Mullum Stadium

Mullum Mullum Stadium shines as the jewel of the crown of Manningham sporting venues. They achieved this striking and unique look by using three shades of shimmering gold shingle façade.

The Project

Mullum Mullum Stadium is the jewel in the crown of Manningham sporting venues. Located in the Victorian suburb of Donvale, the 6,000m2 stadium is one of the largest community sporting facilities in Melbourne’s east,featuring five multi-use indoor courts and seating for up to 500 spectators.

Kingspan Evolution Axis panels provided the smooth finish and aesthetic appeal of a traditional aluminium façade with the value of insulated panels to finish the external walls of the stadium,and support the venue’s sustainable outcomes. Combined with Aluminium Shingles in three striking shades of gold, giving the stadium tonal variation for the aesthetic that the architect wanted to achieve.

City of Manningham , Melbourne, Victoria
Shingle & Evolution
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Drone Addiction
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The Shingles are fixed directly to the substructure with discrete stainless-steel clips and rivets, folding into interconnecting tile like shapes, creating a distinct pattern.The unique powder coated surface of the Shingles delivered an economical alternative to the specified anodised finish,witha transparent single coat providing the desired aesthetic at a fraction of the cost. The fast installation time further enhanced the cost-effectiveness of the solution.
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