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Product Overview

The Kingspan FuelMaster range offers a robust and convenient on site storage solution. This range has been specifically designed for the secure storage, dispensing and protection of diesel fuel.

Available in three different capacities of 2500L, 5000L and 9000L, the tanks are suitable for agricultural, construction, mining and transportation requirements. All FuelMaster tanks are double skinned for environmental protection and to safeguard against contamination. The tanks are fitted with a lockable cabinet providing security for internal equipment.

The Kingspan FuelMaster gives our customers a quality, cost-saving and compliant diesel storage solution backed by excellent customer service and a 10 year tank guarantee*.

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Features & benefits

  • Double skin construction
  • Tank Monitoring systems
  • Pump options: 56 L/min,72L/min
  • Secure fuel storage and efficient dispensing
  • Complete control over your fuel levels
  • 10 year tank guarantee*
  • Quality certificate for BS EN ISO 9001: 2000
  • Ease of Use: Easy to lift through integrated lifting points

*Two year guarantee on parts 

Wireless Tank Monitoring

All tanks include a unique tank monitoring systems giving you the intelligence, visibility and data you need to take control of your diesel stocks.

The Watchman UniRX Sonic is a local tank monitoring option which allow users to continually monitor their diesel levels ensuring they never run out. The telemetry includes an audible and visual overfill and leak protection system for environmental protection.

Product Dimensions

Model FM2500 FM5000 FM9000
Capacity 2500L 5000L 9000L
Length 2130 mm 2650 mm 3280 mm
Width 1550 mm 2150 mm 2450 mm
Height 1950 mm 2250 mm 2950 mm
Weight 230 kg 360 kg 600 kg

Product dimensions can vary from +/-1%

Specification Options

  2500L  5000L  9000L 
Tank capacity 2500L 5000L 9000L
Double walled tank, dark grey body/light green door
Spillstop mechanical overfill prevention
Watchman UniRX Sonic Wireless Level Gauge with measurement and leak detection alarm
2" CAMLOCK filling coupling
PIUSI analogue K33 flowmeter  
PIUSI digital K600 B/3 flowmeter    
PIUSI Panther 72 L/min 230V AC pump
PIUSI A60 automatic nozzle
Nozzle holder
30μm transparent filter
Light in equipment housing
Delivery hose 4m 3/4"    
Delivery hose 6m 3/4"  
10m cable connected to junction box in housing
4" lid for inspection and filling  
4" lid for filling only    
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Kingspan FuelMaster Brochure

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