Farmers benefits from TruckMaster portable diesel storage tank

Farmer Solves Tractor Refuelling Issue with Portable TruckMaster Diesel Tank

The Project


A farmer in Poland with a substantial acreage primarily given over to potato and wheat crops was finding that he was wasting a lot of time and money refuelling large farm machinery – particularly his tractor. 
The vehicle, which was in almost daily use for drawbar fieldwork as well as ploughing and disking all over the fields, needed frequent filling up during the day.  This required regular return journeys to the farmyard to his only diesel dispensing tank.  The constant too-ing and fro-ing caused significant disruption to the working day, slowing everything down, and it substantially increased the amount of fuel he was using. 


The farmer consulted with Kingspan’s team regarding a portable solution, and decided to purchase the Kingspan TruckMaster 430L.
The Kingspan TruckMaster range has been specifically designed for the safe transportation of diesel fuel. It’s a robust, lightweight tank which comes in a range of sizes, from 200-900 litre capacity.  It allows users the ultimate convenience by allowing them to refuel remotely at different locations on-site.

Designed for ease of handling, it can be lifted without difficulty and strapped onto the back of a truck to be carried wherever it’s needed.  Its strong construction is moulded from high-quality polyethylene to provide high levels of resistance to structural damage while also protecting the diesel from the effects of changing weather conditions and UV radiation. It comes with a range of dispensing equipment options for almost any type of user, and includes sizes which occupy only half a euro pallet.
All this means that, thanks to Kingspan diesel storage and dispensing solutions, the farmer can take his fuel out to whichever field he is working in, all year round.  He no longer has to drive back to the yard when his tractor is running low on diesel, saving him time and money.