Kingspan delivers bespoke 40,000 litre steel bunded storage and dispensing solution for Combilift

The Project

The Kingspan DieselPRO range is about giving you everything you need to make sure your fuel is stored as securely and efficiently as possible which can be achieved through either our turnkey packages or through our customised service, both options offer a choice of robust, high performing storage solutions, unique tank management and monitoring systems and state of the art pump and dispensing options all backed by a 15 year guarantee and the assurance that your tank has been manufactured to surpass the necessary regulatory guidelines – integrity that only comes when working with Kingspan. 

These are just some of the reasons why Combilift appointed Kingspan DieselPRO as their business partner in helping to create a suitable solution for their fuel storage and dispensing needs.

The Challenge

During the planning and construction for a new manufacturing facility, Combilift, required a fuel storage solution that not only facilitated six various grades of fuel and oil, this solution had to also meet all of the regulatory guidelines while also offering as small a footprint as possible. In addition, company requirements mandated solutions that were also energy efficient and could provide reliable dispensing of the oils and fuels with little to no waste produced by the process. 

The Solution

Due to Kingspan's forty years of experience in developing bespoke storage and dispensing  solutions combined with their manufacturing capability in providing those solutions, the Kingspan DieselPRO was selected for the Combilift manufacturing facility. Kingspan worked with Combilift throughout the development process. The dedicated team of engineers and professionals produced a 40,000 litre capacity bunded system to deliver a liquid product from a central, compartmentalised, storage system to the facility dispensing points where the oil or fuel was used for production. By using a compartmentalised storage solution, the maximum amount of liquid storage could be obtained in the smallest footprint. This solution also included variable speed pumps with integrated smart technology to ensure the pumps delivered a high degree of energy efficiency as well as leak detection systems providing both protection and product storage efficiency. 

As a trusted partner, Kingspan is dedicated to developing the right solution for any concern, from large industrial facilities to small agricultural situations. Kingspan's commitment to quality continues long after delivery of a solution, in the form of highly experienced technical assistance and ongoing customer support. Kingspan meets or exceeds all industrial and regulatory standards and has some of the largest and diverse manufacturing facilities in which to develop and provide a wide range of storage solutions. 

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