Hard Roof

Maximise energy efficiency & cooling capacity

Tate's unique hard panel roof fully segregates hot and cold air, improving the cooling capacity of any data centre. It attaches to the top of the rack and lies flat to avoid interference with other overhead obstructions and extrusions. Should a fire occur, the roof panels’ drop away to allow overhead suppression systems to work within the aisle. Incorporating clear or black anodized aluminium tracks Tate's hard roof has been engineered to provide long lasting results.

The ContainAire hard roof kit includes all of the components and fasteners required to assemble and install the roof containment system. It's modular design means that it can be installed in nearly any location in the data centre. Tate's hard roof can be customised to suit different width and length requirements.

ContainAire Hard Roof

Key Performance Characteristics

  • Pre-assembled sections for quick and easy installation
  • Drop away tiles allow for use under water sprinkler system when permitted by code
  • 1219mm and 1829mm aisle widths
  • Thin profile to prevent overhead obstructions
  • Modular design works with any aisle length


Hard Roof Datasheet

Hard Roof Detail (CAD)

Hard Roof Detail (PDF)

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