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Benefits of Tate Airflow Systems for Colo and Enterprise

Optimising the cooling performance of the data centre can often be the most critical aspect in efficient operation and reducing down time which may translate to attracting the best tenants and improving lease rates. Raised floors offer the flexibility to deploy any IT solution and cooling strategy. The raised floor provides more than the signature look of the facility if provides the flexible service distribution path needed to address constant change while maintaining a clean and organised facility. There is no limit to how the space under the raised floor can be used from power and cable management to return air distribution. Equally, proper airflow management strategies can maximise the performance of any cooling solution from fully economized to a raised floor supply plenum. Tate’s team of engineers can develop the optimised strategy to meet you operational goals using our full range of airflow management products. If you goal is to minimise labor on airflow adjustment or to maximise cooling performance to save energy, or team and our solutions can find the balance between, performance cost, and flexibility to service your facility.

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Tate has a dedicated team of data centre engineers and technical staff who helps facilities improve their airflow management around the world. With over 50 years of experience, Tate has worked with Fortune 100 companies to small data centre facilities. Tate’s cost modelling and analysis service can help generate detailed financial reports based on your specific data centre design.

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