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Benefits of Tate Airflow Systems for CIOs

Maximising value is a competitive advantage of Tate Airflows’ products. When implemented properly our solutions are typically cost neutral in new construction or offer payback periods under 12 months when retrofitted into existing data centres. Making a confident decision to invest in the future of an existing data centre or the implementation of the latest technology in a new facility comes with great responsibility. This responsibility is not taken lightly at Tate and our dedicated team of data centre staff will assist in collecting the data, evaluating options and creating an implementation plan that helps financially optimize the plan. We offer several cost calculation tools to help evaluate options and determine the best financial design decision.

Energy and maintenance costs are also significantly reduced using raised floors and many of our airflow management products. By supplying air more efficiently and providing constant feedback and automatic adjustments such as using the SmartAire MZ, the amount of time and resources required to balance and manage the airflow within the data centre can be significantly reduced.

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Tate has a dedicated team of data centre engineers and technical staff who helps facilities improve their airflow management around the world. With over 50 years of experience, Tate has worked with Fortune 100 companies to small data centre facilities. Tate’s cost modelling and analysis service can help generate detailed financial reports based on your specific data centre design.

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