DirectAire® X2

Ideal for single panel width cold aisles

The DirectAire® X2 ability to deliver high volumes of air directly and evenly across the face of two server racks gives it the capacity to cool very high density equipment in a range of facility designs. DirectAire X2 is specifically designed for use in cold aisles that are only one airflow panel wide. The panel's angular throw evenly distributes the majority of the air it delivers directly to the face of the two opposite facing racks providing virtual containment when used in conjunction with the other airflow management best practices. 

DirectAire X2 Main View

Key Performance Characteristics

  • Welded steel grate design
  • 68% opwn area delivers 1,227 L/s at 25 Pa
  • Directional Airflow for 93% Capture Index
  • Bi-Directional airflow cools two racks acrss an aisle
  • Cools up to 9.5kW per rack at 25 Pa
  • 11.1 kN design load performance
  • Manual and automatic airflow control options

Airflow Performance Information

DirectAire® X2 L/s & Cooling Capacity

Static Pressure (Pa)

L/s w/No Damper

kW/Rack (93% CI)

5 543 4.2
10 767 6.0
12.5 870 6.8
15 947 7.4
20 1094 8.6
25 1227 9.6
30 1332 10.4
35 1429 11.2
40 1518 11.9
45 1594 12.5
50 1620 12.7

                    *Cooling capacities were calculated using the following formula: (L/s x Capture Index %) / 59(L/s needed to cool 1kW @ -4ºC ΔT)= kW per rack.


DirectAire X2 60cm Datasheet

DirectAire X2 60cm Detail (CAD)

DirectAire X2 60cm Detail (PDF)

DirectAire X2 60cm Specification

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