SmartAire® MZ

Automatically balances data centre airflow

SmartAire® MZ automatic variable-air-volume damper offers the most granular airflow control available in the data centre. The unit adjusts cooling independently to 4 separate zones to allow for variable loads and partially deployed areas within a rack. The damper automatically opens and closes to adjust the amount of airflow and ensure the proper inlet temperature is maintained. During equipment changes the unit automatically rebalances the airflow in the facility without manual control adjustments.
A SmartAire MZ Basic option is also available. The SmartAire MZ Basic is a manual variable-air-volume damper with a single temperature probe and rack-mounted LED temperature status indicator.

SmartAire MZ Main View

Key Performance Characteristics

  • 0-22kW supported IT load with DirectAire panel
  • Fail safe operation, opens 100% during failure
  • Included SNMP & TCP/IP
  • User programmable set point
  • 12 vane damper for large open area
  • Four zone damper positions are variable from 0-100%
  • High Precision, Quick Response Temp Measurement
  • Viewable Peak Temp for walkthrough check of racks
  • Available Auto Transfer Switch offers N+1 reliability

Understanding & Managing Diverse & Variable Loads ​


Each rack in the data centre is a constantly changing due to the processing demands of the IT hardware at a given time. The improved efficiency of IT hardware over time has increased the difference between idle power consumption and 100% utilization driving up load variability. This fact, coupled with the increasing use of cloud computing, will only serve to drive increased load variability in the rack on a minute by minute basis, making manual tuning of the airflow at the panel level impossible.

SmartAire® Solves the Problem

The solution has been to provide enough air to accommodate the peak energy demands of the rack. This results in wasted bypass air and over-cooling during all less than peak conditions. SmartAire® MZ measures the air temperatures at the face of the rack and adjusts the VAV damper to control the airflow. This ensures that the temperature at the face of the rack is never above the allowable set point provided by the user. When deployed using best practices, it offers the efficiency of aisle containment without rigid barriers and account for any local temperature fluctuations.

The BMS interface and DCIM integration allows for real time rack level monitoring. Allowing you to check the status of any unit and alter the settings from your desktop.

Static Pressure Control for Efficient Airflow in Contained Aisles

Constant airflow into a contained aisle with a variable load profile is inefficient. Tate's Aux-P (pressure sensing) module for the SmartAire MZ solves this situation. When servers enter idle mode they draw less air, causing static pressure in a contained aisle to increase. Under positive pressure excessive air will be forced through servers even if the fans are idle. SmartAire MZ Aux-P automatically modulates the dampers to control the static pressure in the aisle to a user defined set point.


SmartAire MZ Datasheet

SmartAire MZ Detail (CAD)

SmartAire MZ Detail (PDF)

SmartAire MZ Specification

SmartAire MZ Aux-P Kit Datasheet

SmartAire MZ Basic Datasheet

SmartAire MZ Basic Detail (CAD)

SmartAire MZ Basic Detail (PDF)

SmartAire MZ Basic Specification

Stringer Hangers (CAD)

Stringer Hangers (PDF)

SmartAire MZ Installation Guide

SmartAire MZ Basic Installation Guide

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