Dual-zone Opposed Blade Damper

Ideal for single panel width cold aisles

Tate’s Dual-zone Opposed Blade Damper is designed for use with the DirectAire X2 in single width airflow panel aisles. The dual zone damper allows the user to control the airflow through each half of a panel independently so that racks on opposite sides of the aisle can receive the right amount of cooling for the load in the rack.

Dual-zone Opposed Blade Damper Main View

Key Performance Characteristics

  • Provides more airflow at 100% open than slide dampers
  • Easily adjustable from above without grate removal
  • Drop in design allows for easy retrofits, with DirectAire X2 in a Tate bolted stringer systems.


Drop-In Dual-zone OBD Datasheet

Drop-In Dual-zone OBD Specification

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