Rack Level Management

Improve cooling effectiveness with proper rack hygiene

Tate’s rack level airflow management products reduce high intake air temperatures by preventing hot exhaust air from circulating to the front of the IT cabinets. This improves IT equipment reliability and supports cooling infrastructure optimisation.

Key Performance Characteristics

  • Improves IT equipment reliability and extends equipment life
  • Supports increasing rack and density
  • Increases existing cooling unit capacity
  • Use in existing cabinets for optimisation and standardisation

Snap-In Modular Blanking Panels


Snap-In Modular Blanking Panels are the best way to stop the migration of hot and cold air through unoccupied areas of an IT equipment rack. This innovative 483mm wide snap-in blanking panel fits in most standard racks. Designed for simple tool free installation the Snap-In Modular Blanking panels are available in prefabricated sizes designed to fill One or Two U openings these panels provided a 99.97% effective seal. The blanking panels are also available with a quick view temperature strips that display a temperature range 10°- 49° C.

Pass-Through Blanking Panels


Tate's Pass Through Blanking Panels provide an effective airflow sealing solution when used in conjunction with pullout switches or servers. The panels also provide a rack sealing solution where cables prevent the installation of solid blanking panels.

This cost effective aluminium and brush construction controls airflow for optimised cooling effectiveness. Available in both 1U and 2U configurations the lab tested Pass Through Blanking Panels outperform brush style blanking panels.


Full Rack Modular Blanking Panels


Designed to seal up to 42U of opening in the server rack, the Full Rack Blanking Panel Kit greatly reduces bypass airflow by eliminating the gaps in the server rack and creating a contained server rack environment. This sealing solution increases usable cooling unit capacity, maximising the effectiveness and efficiency of your cooling infrastructure. This sealing solution compliments HotLok Blanking Panels and completes the job of containing your cabinet for the most effective and efficient method of preventing bypass airflow.

Round 102mm Rack Mount Grommet


The Round Rack Mount Grommet seals the 102mm cable openings in the top of a server rack to block bypass airflow and maximise cooling system efficiency. Its revolutionary sealing technology reduces costly bypass airflow, increasing usable cooling unit capacity, and ensuring maximised efficiency from HVAC equipment.

Rack Airflow Management Kit


Designed to seal gaps between the rail and side of cabinet, the Rack Airflow Management Kit greatly reduces bypass airflow and re-circulation in your cabinets. The Rack Airflow Management Kit increases usable cooling unit capacity, maximising the effectiveness and efficiency of your cooling infrastructure. This kit is an effective tool for sealing airflow between the rail and side of cabinet while also isolating exhaust air at the rear of the cabinet. The “RAM Kit” compliments blanking panels and completes the job of sealing your cabinet. The mounting extrusion is made from rigid PVC, and the sealing membrane from Flexible PVC with a matte black finish.


Snap-In Blanking Panel Datasheet

Pass-Through Blanking Panel Datasheet

Full Rack Blanking Panel Datasheet

4" Diameter Rack Grommet Datasheet

Rack Airflow Management Kit Datasheet

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