Aisle Level Management

Improve airflow in every data centre aisle

Aisle level airflow management products are engineered to seal a variety of openings in the aisle, blocking bypass airflow and maximising cooling performance. Controlling errant airflow in the aisle increases efficiency, capacity and reliability.

Key Preformance Characteristics

  • Supports increasing cabinet density
  • Increases existing cooling unit capacity
  • Reduces the need to purchase additional cooling units
  • Improves IT equipment reliability and extends equipment life

High Volume Return Grille


The High Volume Return Grille is designed for use in the ceiling grid above the hot aisle to allow exhaust air into the return plenum. Thin gauge aluminium construction makes for cleaner, more durable installation over polystyrene grilles.


  • Thin gauge aluminium construction

  • 91% opening for unobstructed air flow

  • 610mm x 1219mm nominal size designed to fit a standard T-grid ceiling

  • Cuts easily in the field for custom sizes

  • Mill or white powder coat finish

Under Rack Panel


Designed to seal the open space between the raised floor and the bottom of a the server rack, the Under Rack Panel offers revolutionary sealing technology to help maximise the cooling system capacity and efficiency of the data centre. Designed to seal large and unique openings found under various sized racks and cabinets, the Under Rack Panel allows easy modifications for new and retrofit applications.


  • Two designs which feature longer, durable sealing panels 699mm and 800mm which are customisable to seal a variety of gaps under the server rack

  • Rigid PVC support frame, with a double sided adhesive, provides a permanent and non-particulating attachment to the rack. The softer, flexible sealing material easily forms under the rack and can be customised as needed

  • Tool-less application — simply "peel and stick"

  • Under Rack Panel seals more effectively than a comparable brush without sagging

  • AisleLok products are compliant with directive 2002/95/EC of the European Parliament and the Council on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electric Equipment (RoHS).

Air Sealing Tape


The Air Sealing Tape can be used to seal openings between racks in both new and existing data centre aisle designs to block bypass airflow and maximise cooling system capacities and efficiencies. Air Sealing Tape is an innovative time released, self-expanding tape that provides an excellent seal for unique spaces with varying dimensions. This tape can be an excellent tool in helping to reduce costly bypass airflow.


  • Non-particulating tape is safe for the data centre and ensures a durable secure seal between the racks/enclosures.

  • Compliant with directive 2002/95/EC of the European Parliament and the Council on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electric Equipment (RoHS).

  • Time release expansion allows product installation without disturbing cables.

  • Conforms to non-uniform spaces when completely expanded Compact size for easy portability


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