Air Sealing Grommets

Improve efficiency & capacity with air sealing grommets

Tate's air sealing grommets are designed to improve the energy efficiency and air sealing performance of your data centre by preventing leakage from the raised floor plenum when penetrations are required for power and data cables above the floor.

Key Preformance Characteristics

  • Increases cooling unit effectiveness
  • Allows for greater IT density in data centres Increases static pressure under the raised floor
  • Improves cool air delivery through perforated tiles and floor grates
  • Decreases humidity control expense
  • Meets a prerequisite for hot aisle/cold aisle best practices and containment strategies
  • Reduces the need to buy additional cooling units

Tate Standard Integral


The Standard Integral Grommets are made of U.L. listed ABS with an overlapping brush and EPDM gasket material sealing system. This grommet is designed to be installed during construction to seal cable openings in new raised-floor systems prior to the installation of communication or power cabling. The Standard Integral comes with the safety cover to prevent items from falling through the grommet during equipment move-in.

  Metric (mm)
Usable Cable Area 190 x 120
Cutout to install Grommet in interior of the tile 229 x 165
Cutout to install long side of the Grommet to the tile edge 229 x 187
Cutout to install short side of the Grommet to the tile edge 251 x 165

Tate Surface Mount


Provides a quick and easy way to seal existing cable cutouts without the need to disconnect cables. Installs using adhesive tape on the underside of the grommet and screws.

  Metric (mm)
Maximum cutout size sealed 203 x 203
Usable Cable Area 165 x 165

Tate Round


The Split feature of the Round 102mm allows product installation or removal without disturbing cables. Designed to seal openings in new and existing raised floor cutouts to block bypass airflow and maximise cooling system efficiency.

  Metric (mm)
Maximum cotout size sealed 107 dia.
Usable Cable Area 80.64 sq cm


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Tate Surface Mount Specification

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