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The KS1100 CS System

The controlled environment insulated panel systems are designed for use within temperature controlled and hygiene-safe environments such as: food processing, deep freeze, cold/chill store and clean rooms for bio-technology and pharmaceutical industries.

These firesafe, hygienic and fibre-free insulated panel systems are suitable for internal and external walls,and ceilings. 
All factory manufactured to provide superior build quality with rapid and safer on-site assembly, which allows for earlier project handover and income stream.
AUS Profile No Dimensions

Technical Details

Product Features KS1100 CS

Profile Ribbed, Flat
Metal Type Steel
Application Suitable for internal and external roof and wall applications
Lengths From 2m to 13.7m
Cover Width     1100mm
Thickness From 50mm to 200mm
Seals Factory Applied anti- condensation sealant

AUS Profile No Dimensions

The R-values / U-values have been calculated using the method required by the appropriate National Building Regulations.

Core Thickness (mm)
50 75 100 125 150 200

R-Value (m2K/W)
2.65 3.90 5.15 6.40  

U-Value (w/m2K)
0.38 0.26 0.19 0.16 0.13 0.10

Weight (kg/m2) 0.5 steel / 0.5 steel
10.0 11.0 12.0 13.0 14.0 16.0


Kingspan panels meet the highest property loss prevention product testing and certification standards. It’s a The FM mark is recognised by the world’s leading regulatory authorities.
Global Green Tag Certified
 Kingspan Architectural Wall Panels have achieved a GreenTagCert™ Gold Plus certification with a GreenRate® Level A.
Antibacterial White (25% gloss)- 25 microns thick. Specifications available on request.

Note: For other colours and coatings please contact your local Area Sales Manager
In recognition of the many different demands that are placed on construction professionals today, Kingspan Insulated Panels guarantees not just one aspect of its products but all of the key performance areas.

Kingspan guarantees the coating, structural, durability and thermal performance of a product. 


Cold Storage - Door Opening CAD Detail DWG

Cold Storage - CAD Detail DWG

Cold Storage - CAD Detail PDF

Cold Storage - FAWS CAD Detail DWG

Cold Storage - FAWS CAD Detail PDF

Cold Storage - Toggle Clip CAD Detail PDF

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