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Manassen Foods

Fire safety and energy efficiency were at the heart of the design brief for this cold-store building.

The Project

Manassen Foods is Australia’s leading independent grocery importer, and has been supplying the Australian Food industry since 1953. The new distribution centre in Eastern Creek required cold-store panels to ensure its food is of the best quality before it reaches Australian supermarkets. It was key for this project that the insulated panel system delivered the highest possible functionality and performance.

Eastern Creek, Australia
UltraTemp KS1100CS
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Accuracy and attention to detail during the construction process were essential for this project. For the freezers in particular, it was imperative that the joints were air tight and prevented moisture seeping through. This can potentially breach the seals of the panels. To combat this, our technical team worked closely with the contractor to ensure the joints were fitted correctly and achieved exceptional air tightness.

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The UltraTemp KS1100CS panels used on this project are certified to LPS 1181 Grade EXT-B, offering complete protection of your building. The panels feature a unique castellated tongue and groove joint system, which achieves excellent thermal and structural performance. Reducing fire spread is the main goal of these Firesafe panels, and the thermal and structural performance is covered by a Kingspan guarantee.

internal shot of Manassen Foods featuring ColdStore

Striving Towards
a Greener Future

The Kingspan UltraTemp panels are extremely energy efficient, and considerably reduce operational costs. They also reduce a company’s carbon footprint and can achieve a Green Guide A+ rating. These panels are fully recyclable after use, making them an extremely environmentally friendly panel.

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