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The Honeybourne Airfield Trading Estate in Evesham, owned by IDS Transport, consists of five hangars that have been converted into large warehouse units.

UltraTemp panels were ideally suited to the project, delivering the clean internal aesthetic and high levels of performance and hygiene required by our clients…By specifying the entire system from Kingspan…we were able to reduce the number of deliveries our lorries needed to make, enabling a reliable, scheduled installation process while also cutting costs.

Tim Stringfellow - Contracts Manager
Coldstore Construction Services

The Project

Of the five hangars in Honeybourne Airfield Trading Estate, Unit 1 is used as a distribution centre for a food produce company. After many years of use, it became necessary to replace the internal fabric of the building to improve its performance and ensure it remained hygienic. To achieve this, Kingspan UltraTemp panels were chosen to convert the unit into a gleaming and hygienic food processing facility. These enhanced panels are ideal for extreme temperatures and feature an innovative joint system designed to withstand high pressure washing and regular cleaning.

Evesham, United Kingdom
UltraTemp KS1100CS
CLEANsafe 120 Coating
IDS Transport with coldstore panels


The advanced joint geometry of UltraTemp insulated panels makes them perfect for stringent hygiene and temperature controlled applications. It features a double tongue and groove joint with a unique castellated insulation edge detail which eliminates thermal bridging and provides enhanced thermal performance. The double tongue and groove joint is formed with a visible facing gap and a recessed dove tail arrangement that increases fire and structural performance, and facilitates the post installation of a foodsafe silicone seal. The visible facing gap and dove tail recess provides a flush finish and significantly increases the pull-out performance of the silicone sealant from the joint, enabling enhanced performance during high pressure washing and cleaning.

IDS Transport featuring ColdStore internal shot

Speed of

The UltraTemp panels selected for this project were extremely quick and easy to install. The installation for the entire project was completed in one month. Speed of construction was a key factor at Honeybourne as the client needed to continue operating from the warehouse. Kingspan, together with Coldstrore Construction Services, installed the panels on a third of the building at a time, so the fruit company was still able to operate from the remaining two thirds.

IDS Transport featuring ColdStore internal shot

Superior Business

UltraTemp panels are LPCB and FM approved, offering complete protection of a business. These panels are a superior fire safety measure and work to reduce fire spread.

IDS Transport featuring ColdStore internal shot

Total Resilience

With remedial work carried out at the centre it was essential that the new internal envelope allowed high levels of hygiene to be maintained. As a result, the UltraTemp panels were specified with the Kingspan CLEANsafe 120 coating; a foodsafe laminate coating that has been specifically designed to provide protection against contamination, resisting both mould growth and surface extraction, and allowing the panels to be regularly cleaned and disinfected. As with all Controlled Environments products, both the panel and ceiling suspension systems are available with the Kingspan Total Guarantee, which is issued directly to the building owner.

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