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Tate offers a full product sample range of our most popular panels and high-end architectural finishes to help you choose the perfect product, material, and color for your project.

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At Tate, we understand that architects and designers need to get ahold of physical samples for products they plan on incorporating into future projects. The need to evaluate constructability and see various panel and finish options is one that simply can't be met with a brochure and website swatches.

That's why Tate has experienced staff on hand who are able to offer a quick turnaround of standard samples or work with you for more customized sample requirements.

World Class Quality and Service

Standard samples are cut, prepared and assembled with care by a dedicated team of sample technicians based in our Jessup and Red Lion manufacturing facilities. Each sample is then individually boxed and stored in preparation for shipping. 

Custom product samples and mock-ups may also be available depending on material requirements. Your regional sales manager is happy discuss the various sample types and customized options we offer. 
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