ConCore 800

ConCore® 800

The ConCore® 800

Tate's ConCore® 800 panel is perfect for general office raised access floor applications and is engineered to meet both Tate Standards per CISCA testing methods and Australian Standards.


Key Performance Characteristics

  • Panel weight : 35.5kg/m² bare.
  • All steel welded construction filled internally with a cementitious core material.
  • Protected from corrosion by a powder paint finish.
  • Class A flame spread rating.
  • Non-combustible material.

System Performance

Tate Standards to CISCA Testing Requirements

System Performance Criteria (Tested on Actual Understructure*)

      Static Loads   Rolling Loads    
Panel Understructure Design Loads1 Minimum
Ultimate Loads
Safety Factor
(min 2.0)2
10 Passes 10,000 Passes Impact Loads
ConCore® 800 Corner Lock 3.5kN 8.8kN PASS 2.6kN 1.8kN 0.6kN

*All tests are performed using CISCA's Recommended Test Procedures for Access Floos with the exception of Design Load

1. System Design Load is based on permanent set ≤ 0.010” and is verified by loading panels in accordance with the CISCA concentrated load method but with panels installed on actual understructure instead of steel blocks. (Testing on blocks does not represent performance of an actual installation.) Ultimate, Rolling, and Impact Load tests are performed using CISCA Test Procedures.
2. Safety Factor is Ultimate Load divided by Design Load. 


ConCore 800 Datasheet

ConCore 800 Detail (CAD)

ConCore 800 Detail (PDF)

ConCore 800 CornerLock System Specification

Bare Painted Finish to accept 3rd party carpet application

Tate Product Guide

Other ConCore® Panel Grade Options

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