The Beauty & Warmth of Natural Wood

Natural luxury finish for raised access floors

Tate’s wood panels offer a long-lasting and versatile finish that enhances the look of your application. Tate’s wood finishes are available in stacked, plank, and sheet designs in a variety of species to meet any of your application requirements. 

All of Tate’s wood standard finishes are factory laminated to a fiber composite board panel with a reinforcing steel bottom sheet for additional strength. Protective edge banding is applied to the panel to protect the against chipping the edge of the finish while accessing the underfloor area. The edge banding is available in nearly unlimited colors; however, color-matching the wood surface is commonplace. 

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Key Performance Characteristics

  • Available in a variety of species and designs
  • Long-lasting natural architectural finish
  • Laminated to composite board panel supported by a heavy duty bolted stringer system


Stacked Wood Datasheet

Stacked Wood Detail (PDF)

Stacked Wood Detail (CAD)

Stacked Wood Specification

Plank Wood Datasheet

Plank Wood Detail (PDF)

Plank Wood Detail (CAD)

Plank Wood Specification

Sheet Wood Datasheet

Sheet Wood Detail (PDF)

Sheet Wood Detail (CAD)

Sheet Wood Specification

Wood Care & Maintenance Guide

White Oak White Oak

Stacked Wood

Stacked wood is a series of  0.47cm thick wooden fillets in a staggered layout, similar to traditional hardwood floors. 
  • White Oak - 4.4 to 6cm wide
  • Red Oak - 4.4 to 6cm wide
  • Maple - 4.4 to 6cm wide
  • Bamboo – 1.9 to 3.2cm wide
Afrormosia Afrormosia

Plank Wood

The plank design consists 0.31cm thick hardwood that is laminated to a 0.79cm backer board. The surface is comprised of six 10cm wide x 60cm long planks, coated with UV cured acrylic varnish finish.

The swatches are for viewing the species characteristics only. The orientation of the plank design is aligned, not staggered as shown.

For more information on these species, visit

Cherry Cherry

Sheet Wood

The sheet design is a continuous piece of random matched hardwood that uniquely highlights the wood grain with a natural or stained finish. It is UV cured with an urethane modified aluminum oxide finish with 35/40 sheen.

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