Decorative Concrete

Decorative Concrete

A member of Tate's STONEWORKS™ line of integrated finishes.

Color and Style Abound

STONEWORKS™ Decorative Concrete panels can transform your space with style, durability, and functionality. The Decorative Concrete panel combines aesthetic and structural components into one complete integrated product, and is available in multiple colors with a brushed surface texture. The edge of the panel is factory laminated with a color matched plastic banding which creates a faux grout line and provides protection during removal. As the panel is made from natural products, moderate shade and color tone differences will occur and is the reason this product is assigned a V2 Variation Rating.

Decorative Concrete Panel Decorative Concrete Panel

Key Performance Characteristics

  • Supported by a heavy-duty bolted stringer system
  • Non-combustible
  • Color-matched edge banding protects the edge during removal
  • Sealed in the field after installation with either a natural look or color enhancing sealer
  • Available in multiple colors (Camel, Hay, Limestone, Midnight), and with a brushed surface texture

Decorative Concrete Panels

The STONEWORKS Decorative Concrete panel is an concrete slab which incorporates an aggregate mix to provide structural stability for everyday use, and features a brushed surface texture. The panel is laminated with an E-Coated steel reinforcing bottom sheet, and is available in 61cm x 61cm module sizes and installed in a heavy-duty bolted stringer system without the use of corner lock screws.

Natural Variation

Decorative Concrete Variation

Decorative Concrete from Tate's STONEWORKS line is a natural stone product, and all natural stone products contain some degree of variation, which enhances the natural look of the finish. This variation comes from differences in color or aggregate distribution.
Our finish line contains several products that fall into one of 3 categories:

  • V1 is slight variation
  • V2 is moderate variation
  • V3 is substantial variation 

Decorative Concrete is V2.

Decorative Concrete Spotlight

Decorative Concrete (Limestone) Decorative Concrete (Limestone)

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