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Tate works with dozens of manufacturers who offer a wide range of Resilients floor finish options such as linoleum, high-pressure laminates (HPL), vinyl, rubber, and cork. We have recently refined our process for laminating Resilients to include an edge banding and the use of smoother more consistent substrate to improve the installed aesthetic of the panel particularly in areas with extensive side lighting.


Key Performance Characteristics

  • Can offer specific acoustical, conductive and slip resistant qualities
  • Smooth and textured surfaces are available
  • Nearly unlimited colours, styles and textures
  • Maintains accessibility, as opposed to rolled finishes
  • High recycled content and cradle-to-cradle products available

Composite Board Panels

Fiber composite board panels provide a smoother surface that is more conducive to the lamination of Resilients finish options. The edge banding creates a more consistent looking seam with a grouted tile appearance. The edge banding is available in almost unlimited colours to allow for contrasting or blended seams that can create a completely custom look.


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