Custom Panels & Designs

Custom Panels & Designs

Create Your Signature Style

Tate’s state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing capabilities allow us to customize our customer’s projects even further. Increased design aesthetic and transition capabilities allow for more raised floor finish options than ever before, and help ensure you truly capture your project’s signature style.

Transition Panels Transition Panels

Key Characteristics

  • Able to blend multiple finishes on single panel
  • Designed to transition one finish to another
  • Customized Inlays and designs
  • Maintains accessibility

Custom Designs for Your Application

Transition Panels

Whether you want to move between two finishes using full panels on either side of the transition line or a curved transition that occurs on a single panel, Tate is up to the challenge. We offer customized design assistance with our in-house engineers to ensure you capture the exact aesthetic you want on your project.

Inlay Designs

Including an inlay in your access floor finish is a great way of truly personalizing your project’s signature style. Creative designs and customized finish combinations, all of which are crafted in Tate’s cutting-edge manufacturing facilities and shipped ready for installation, are another exciting way to bring your project to life.

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Additional Finish Options

Technical Documentation

Custom Panels and designs are unique to your specific applications. Designs, finishes, and components are engineered for the panel's exact position in the floor. To discuss how to incorporate custom panels into your signature style and for technical documentation regarding your project, contact Tate at +61 2 9612 2300 or email us at