Evolution has 3 variations of unprofiled insulated panel

Evolution Axis
Evolution Recess
Evolution Multi Groove
Evolution-Axis_Wall_product render

Evolution Axis

Evolution Axis is a highly streamlined, sleek unprofiled insulated panel system; the perfect solution if you are looking to achieve a minimalist façade on buildings with large flat surface areas. Smooth and flawless in appearance.

Length: 2.0 to 12m
Width: 600, 900mm and 1000mm
Thermal Performance: AS/NZS 4859.1:2018 compliant
Cyclone Rating: Cyclone and Impact tested for Wind Regions C & D
Evolution-Recess product render

Evolution Recess

Evolution Recess features depth and dimension through the folding of the panel edge and the insertion of a 10mm or 20mm gasket between the panels, creating a unique 3D effect.

Length: 2.0 to 8m
Width: 600mm, 900mm and 1000mm
Cyclone Rating: Cyclone and Impact tested for Wind Regions C & D
Evolution Multi Groove product render

Evolution Multi-Groove

Evolution Multi-Groove is a premium flat panel that has one or two grooves engineered into its surface, creating subtle shadow lines on the building’s façade and an illusion of smaller panel widths without the installation time constraints.

Length: 2.0 to 12m
Width: 600mm, 900mm and 1000mm
Cyclone Rating: Cyclone and Impact tested for Wind Regions C & D

Technical Information

Dimensions & Weights
Data Sheet
Install Guide
CAD Details
Cyclone Testing

Core Thickness (mm)
50 80 100 140

Weight (kg/m2) 0.7 steel / 0.4 steel
12.7 13.9 14.7 16.3

BENCHMARK KS1000EVO Evolution Datasheet

BENCHMARK Evolution Installation Guide (Horizontally Laid)

BENCHMARK Evolution Installation Guide (Vertically Laid)

BENCHMARK Evolution CAD Detail Axis Panel Horizontally Laid

BENCHMARK Evolution CAD Detail Axis Panel Vertically Laid

BENCHMARK Evolution CAD Detail Recess Panel Vertically Laid

BENCHMARK Evolution CAD Detail Recess Panel Horizontally Laid

Evolution Axis Wall Panel AS5113 EW

AS5113 "EW" Classified System 

AS5113 "EW" Classified System 

1000mm Evolution Axis wall panel has been tested to BS 8414-2 and achieves AS5113 "EW" Classification 
To find out more about Kingspan's BS8414 tested systems visit here 

When tested to AS/NZS 1530.3, BENCHMARK Evolution panels achieved the following fire hazard results;
Ignitability Index 0
Spread of Flame index (SFI) 0
Heat evolved index 0
Smoke development index 2

BENCHMARK Evolution panels meet the requirements of BCA Specification C1.10a as a group 2 product when tested to AS ISO 9705.
For sound transmission reduction, panels typically have a single figure weighted sound reduction index (SRI) of Rw = 24dB. For specific acoustic solutions contact BENCHMARK Technical Services.
Fr 63 125 250 500 1K 2K 4K 8K
SRI 20 15 17 23 18 25 40 46
BENCHMARK Evolution is available in a range of selected colours from the BENCHMARK Colour Chart. Please contact BENCHMARK Customer Service for further advice.
Kingspan have carried out cyclonic wind testing on the Evolution Panel in accordance with the requirements of the BCA B1.2 for low-high-low performance requirement up to 15 kPa. Impact testing has also been carried out to satisfy the requirements of AS1170.2-2011 where applicable (Clause 2.5.7 Impact from Windborne Debris).

For further details please contact Kingspan Technical Services.

Declared Thermal Value

Evolution Wall Panels (KS1000 EVO)

Declared Thermal Conductivity (λ Value) 0.022 W/m.K @23°C
Panel Nominal Thickness (mm) Product R-Value (m²K/W) at 23°C Product U-Value (W/m²K) at 23°C Total R-Value (m²K/W)
Heat Flow Out (Winter) Heat Flow In
50 2.24 0.45 2.50  2.31
80 3.68 0.27 4.01 3.70
100 4.61 0.22 4.98 4.59
140 6.47 0.15 6.92 6.38
Total R-Values for the building element as required by the Energy Provisions of the National Construction Code, calculated in accordance with AS/ NZS 4859.2 2018. KS1000 EVO is manufactured, tested and packaged in conformance with AS/NZS 4859.1 :2018
Declared Product R-Value is calculated in accordance with AS/NZS 4859.1:2018 as required for compliance to the National Construction Code 2019.

Sustainability Details

Planet Passionate
Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
Planet Passionate Kingspan Insulated Panels
Through our new Planet Passionate 10-year groupwide sustainability programme, we aim to make significant advances in the sustainability of our business and of our products.

KIP Wall Panels Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Fast track, single component installation

The perfect solution for a minimalist façade, Evolution has the aesthetic appeal of a super-smooth aluminium rainscreen façade with the added value of an insulated panel. Laid vertically or horizontally panels integrate easily with other BENCHMARK and Kingspan products and are available in a wide range of colours and surface textures.

Top hats

Evolution panels with curves

Corners and Curves

Curved elevations and neatly formed secret-fix corners are easily achieved with the Evolution range.

Panels can be curved vertically and horizontally to create large sweeping elevations or used for more understated corner sections.

Panels can also be cranked and mitred to form internal or external corner units or to create depth to a boxed and recessed window detail.
Evolution in white

BENCHMARK by Kingspan Product Portfolio

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KIP AUS Fire Regulations Spread 1

Kingspan Fire Regulations Brochure

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