Kingspan moving towards all electric vehicle fleet

11 October 2021 Kingspan Insulation Australia
Kingspan EV cars outside the IKON Innovation Centre

As a global leader in sustainable business, Kingspan has a long-term commitment to sustainability, with a promise to take the lead in combating climate change with our Net Zero carbon initiative and the Planet Passionate Programme.

Kingspan’s Planet Passionate initiative is a 10-year global sustainability strategy that aims to impact on three large global issues: climate change, circularity and protection of our natural world. As part of this initiative, the company strives to reach several specific commitments by 2030, including:

  • Energy: powering 60% of all Kingspan operations directly from renewable energy while generating the equivalent of 20% of its energy demand on manufacturing sites
  • Carbon: achieving net zero carbon manufacturing and a 50% reduction in product C02 intensity from primary supply partners
  • Circularity: upcycling of 1 billion PET bottles per annum into insulation products plus zero company waste to landfill across all sites
  • Water: harvesting 100 million litres of Kingspan’s water usage from rainwater


“Electrifying our fleet is one part of that”, Sheahan Dhason, Financial Controller, Kingspan Insulation APAC.
As part of Kingspan’s Planet Passionate initiative, the entire company has embarked on the transition to electric vehicles, with a target of acquiring only zero emission cars by 2025. The EVs will replace petrol and diesel models, and be used by Kingspan employees to visit clients, contractors, architects and sites.

Sebek says:

“Aspiring to the Kingspan Group commitment to our Planet Passionate strategy comes our first EV to the Australian fleet - smooth, powerful, comfortable and reliable. An astoundingly  enjoyable ‘green’ machine”!