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Climate change is the single most important issue facing the world today. To protect our planet, we need to prevent a 1.5° rise in global temperatures this century. To do this, carbon emissions need to be cut to net zero globally by 2050 – but we are currently on course to miss this goal substantially. We are also facing an unprecedented threat to our natural world, with 1 million species at risk in a planet where 2 billion tons of waste is generated annually.

What is Planet Passionate?

Planet Passionate is our new 10-year group wide global sustainability strategy aims to impact on three big global issues: climate change, circularity and protection of our natural world.

Introducing our Planet Passionate 2030 vision

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Our Net Zero journey to date

In 2011, Kingspan committed globally to match 100% of our operational energy use through the use of renewable energy and the purchase of renewable energy certificates (to offset any remaining non-renewable energy use) by 2020.  We are now on track to achieve this goal through our three-step strategy of ‘Save More, Generate More and Buy More’. Visit our Group website to Learn More.

Planet Passionate progress in our manufacturing sites


  • The Somerton building was constructed using low environmental impact materials 
  • The HVAC systems installed in the main office area utilise 100 per cent external air, with energy recovered from the exhaust used to prepare the intake air.
  • Rainwater is harvested into 75,000 litre storage for bathroom and landscape use. Hot water is produced by high-efficiency air-source heat pumps.
  • 750kW solar system designed into the roof structure  provides most of the facility’s daytime energy requirements. The system has the potential to reduce Somerton manufacturing facility's CO2 emissions by 600 tonnes per year.
  • Energy saving smart lighting system
  • Certification compliant ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 and 50001 standards.

Latest Planet Passionate News and Initiatives