The Board of the Company is responsible for the leadership, strategic direction and overall management of the Group. It sets the Company’s strategic aims, establishes the Company’s values and standards, and monitors compliance within a framework of effective controls.

The Board currently consists of 11 directors, five of the directors are executives, and six including the Chairman are non-executive directors. Each of the executive directors has a combination of general business skills, and experience in the construction materials market. The non-executive directors represent a diverse business background complementing the executive director's skills.  The names and other details of the members of Board are available below.


The Board meets formally 9 times during the year, as well as informally as and when required. The Board reserves for itself a formal schedule of matters on which it takes the ultimate decision. These include adopting the Group’s rolling 5 year strategic plan and the annual budget, approving all major capital expenditure and material contracts, acquisitions and disposals of businesses and other assets, and appointment of senior executives and succession planning, reviewing management’s corporate and financial performance, and overall review of the Group’s internal controls. Certain other matters are delegated to the Board committees.

Full details of the Company’s compliance with the UK Corporate Governance Code (June 2010), as enhanced by the Irish Corporate Governance Annex is set out in the Company’s Annual Report.

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